ME 314BeirutAmmanFri 14:18
XY 551JeddahAmmanFri 14:35
OS 853ViennaAmmanFri 14:55
SV 633RiyadhAmmanFri 14:55
RJ 611DubaiAmmanFri 15:19
IA 166AmmanBaghdadFri 14:30
EY 514AmmanAbu DhabiFri 14:45
ME 315AmmanBeirutFri 15:15
XY 552AmmanJeddahFri 15:40
SV 634AmmanRiyadhFri 16:05
  • Jordan’s strategic location in the Middle East, with direct flights to many of the world’s premier business and travel destinations...

  • The new QAIA terminal provides high standards for what passengers value most including: ample Food & Beverage and shopping area...

  • The new QAIA terminal building has been carefully designed to allow passengers an easy access to the boarding gates and shopping areas directly fro...