Lost & Found

At the Airport

If you believe you may have lost or forgotten an item in the following areas, please contact Email: lost.found@aig.aero  Tel:  +96264010247


·         Check-in area

·         Immigration/Emigration Halls

·         Food and Beverage area at Departures

·         Boarding Gates area

·         Customs areas

·         Luggage area


The Lost and Found office is open from Sunday through Thursday from 09:00 AM till 04:00 PM and is located at Level 1 (Please follow the sign located at the gate infront of WHSmith).


For items lost in public areas such as the parking lots, curbside and the hall before check-in, among others, please contact the Airport Police Station at 06-445-2561.  

Undelivered Luggage

For undelivered luggage, please contact your airline.



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