TK 814IstanbulAmmanSat 03:55
R5 7572BeirutAmmanSat 04:30
RJ 673SanaaAmmanSat 05:10
RJ 181BangkokAmmanSat 05:15
RJ 801SulaimaniyaAmmanSat 05:15
MS 740AmmanCairoSat 05:00
RJ 401AmmanBeirutSat 05:00
RJ 810AmmanBaghdadSat 05:30
RJ 850AmmanMosulSat 06:00
TK 813AmmanIstanbulSat 06:35
  • Jordan’s strategic location in the Middle East, with direct flights to many of the world’s premier business and travel destinations...

  • The new QAIA terminal provides high standards for what passengers value most including: ample Food & Beverage and shopping area...

  • The new QAIA terminal building has been carefully designed to allow passengers an easy access to the boarding gates and shopping areas directly fro...

Airport parking

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